Thursday, November 11, 2010

Extreme Makeover - Home Edition

My wife's cousin, Jane, was selected to be a recipient of the Extreme Makeover - Home Edition (EMHE).

Her story is of tragedy and inspiration... I refer you to Kathryn's blog for the whole story. She has it in two parts....

Suffice it to say- it was a GREAT adventure!

Photographing the beauty of Idaho for Jane was an honor. I know there is so much more to photograph in Idaho.... but we had 24 hours to capture what we could and then scoot back to Utah to edit and post the images for the EMHE team to select their favorites. 

A huge "Thank you" to Ray and Wayne at Pixel's Foto and Frame. They were so kind in helping with our "RUSH" order of several large canvas wraps and a handful of other large images for framing.

We were then invited to Pocatello to shoot some macro photography for Ruth Ann's room and possibly participate in a segment of the show... which was cut due to time. They did use a few quick clips of just Jillian shooting one of my cameras and if you look really close you will see my hand, the edge of my shirt and even a glimpse of my glasses... does that make me a TV star? :-)  If you want to see how to be a photographer/super star I am highlighted at 17:06-17:23.... see the link to the show a bit further down.

I was wearing a dark grey t-shirt I got while at one of Sarah Petty's marketing workshops that has the words "Well Done" on it. I was wearing one of those photographer vests and it covered up the first three letters and the last two letters so it looked like it said "I Do".... kinda funny because Jillian (one of the home makeover designers) was featured on a former season of The Bachelorette. As she was walking down the path towards me, she said "I feel like I am back on the Bachelorette." This was while they were filming, and Kathryn (who was off camera) yelled out "Oh NO YOU ARE NOT!" It was a funny moment.

They asked us to hang around in case they needed to film any more of me... so we did. It was great to see how the show is done and all the time and effort that is donated by thousands of people who just want to help out.

When the home was completed and fully furnished (in six days!) they asked me to photograph the interior of the home... but to not share them of course until after the show was aired.

Just this past Sunday, Jane's episode was on TV. If you missed it, here is a link to the site where you can view the entire show. 

Jane invited us to attend the premier in Idaho Falls with her, her children and all the key people who participated. It was a great evening. 

Jane and her children

See Jane. See Jane Smile!

Jane's daughter, Sophie, received a private lesson from YoYo Ma a few weeks ago!

 A great night with GREAT people!

The whole experience was an inspiration and a joy.  Thank you Jane.


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