Friday, November 5, 2010

Utah Heart Gallery - Utah's child and family adoption connection

This is my second year of photographic participation in the Heart Gallery, a collection of images of children in Utah foster care who are looking for that perfect set of parents to love them and adopt them.

The gallery of images travels around the state depicting the wonder and personality of each of these children. It is a great avenue to encouraging families who are considering the adoption of older children.

This year I had the opportunity to photograph sibblings. Eddie and Sarah are such great little kiddos. They are FULL of personality and excitement. Eddie is extremely expressive and Sarah is a little princess.

It was a Gala event held in the Capitol Rotunda. As I entered, Eddie and Sarah ran to greet me, and gave me a big hug. We sat together at the unveiling of the portraits of all 52 children, then walked to the front together as I presented them with a gift copy of the portraits that were on display. They were so "good" through the entire event. I think they even enjoyed the treats that were served...maybe even more than anything else that night. :-)

I would encourage all photographers to find a "soft spot" in your heart and give back to your community through some volunteer service. I, along with all the other photographers who participated in this event, find great satisfaction and a feeling of value as we utilize the gifts we have been given to bring joy to others.


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